Tutte le novità dal mondo del Fotovoltaico per l'installatore professionista

Tecnoapp partners with SunContract’s peer-to-peer blockchain-based energy platform

The scenario for photovoltaics in the Italian energy market has improved drastically compared to the last few years. This has been thanks to the way technology has become economically competitive against other energy sources in a way that even five years ago seemed almost impossible to imagine. Solar photovoltaics are making a big contribution to Italy’s energy transition towards renewables since the costs, volumes and technology involved allow renewables to make a difference in the national energy mix.


Tecnoapp S.r. and SunContract are working hard towards introducing the SunContract solution on the Italian energy market in the year 2019. The two companies, with the SunContract blockchain platform for energy trading, will work towards creating more demand for renewables, as all stakeholders in the business model created by the SunContract platform will have something to benefit.


Tecnoapp has more than 20 years of experience in the field of energy and its team has a wide network of Italian partners and contractors. Italy, the fourth largest economy in the European Union, represents immense potential for SunContract business expansion and customer acquisition. So far, the country has already managed to install more than 770,000 solar power plants which indicates clear determination of Italian consumers to shift towards sustainable, renewable sources and self-sufficiency.

SunContract is a blockchain based global platform that is pioneering the decentralization of the energy sector – tailoring it to maximize the welfare of the common man. The company’s business model directly connects buyers and sellers of electricity in an open energy marketplace, eliminating the middleman company, for P2P electricity trading to occur efficiently between the two parties.

The SunContract platform empowers individuals, with an emphasis on home owners, to freely buy, sell or trade electricity – making them completely energy self-sufficient. The SunContract platform is gaining a lot of trust from its customers due to the tamper-proof audit trail of data they have constant access to on the platform. Users on the platform have instant access to consumption and production insights which are immutable thanks to blockchain technology.

“Our long-term goal is clear: we want SunContract to be a global energy marketplace solution. Thanks to signed agreement with Tecnoapp S.r. we are entering with blockchain technology into Italian energy sector. We expect to benefit greatly from this cooperation. With new customers on the energy marketplace, new experiences and promotions, this partnership will open doors to new markets,” said Gregor Novak, cofounder and CEO of SunContract.

“We are very proud to work with SunContract Energy Marketplace. We look forward to decentralizing the Italian energy market with renewable sources of energy. We are working on different business approaches to make photovoltaic, storage and energy exchange systems even more attractive for Italian communities,” said Alessandro Basilico, CEO of Tecnoapp S.r.

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